7 Social Media Pages And Groups About Idaho You Have To Follow

Social media pages can be really distracting and hurtful. But we aren’t going to focus on that right now. We are going to focus on the social media pages and groups you need to join or follow in order to get the best laughs. If there are any that we missed, make sure you let us know. We can always use a good laugh. 

Photo by Benito Baeza

Photo by Benito Baeza

Jerome Police Department

The Jerome Police Department Facebook page is hilarious. They know how to crack jokes and interact with their audience while also giving us a few chuckles here and there. Recently, they posted about the Jerome Fair and not to pretend you are wearing your friend’s pants.

Job Growth Spurs Drop In Unemployment Rate To 4.7 Percent

Credit: Joe Raedle, Getty Images

Twin Falls CSR

Even if you aren’t looking for a job, this social media page is hilarious! They post the best memes and share some fun stuff. They are also super informative if you are looking for a career change or trying to get some extra money.

Magic Valley Knockerball LLC

The whole premise of this game is hilarious. Even if you aren’t going to hire Knockerball or use them at one of their many events, you still want to go check it out. Watching people in giant air pads hitting each other is just a fun watch.

AP Images for Idaho Potato Commission

AP Images for Idaho Potato Commission

Big Idaho Potato Tour

Follow the giant Idaho potato as it travels across the country. They post some hilarious stuff on social media. They make me laugh on a regular basis. Whether it is the giant potato mascot or the team playing pranks. It is so fun to follow.

Falls Brand

This page is so relatable because everyone loves food, and everyone loves Falls Brand. They also share relatable family posts. Plus, lots of bacon. Mmmm bacon.

Credit: chendongshan

Credit: chendongshan

Twin Falls Animal Shelter

For those looking for a pet or just enjoying photos of cute animals, this is the place for you. Each adoptable pet they share is not only adorable but comes with a full backstory on why they would be perfect for your house. And admittedly, it is almost impossible to be sad while looking at photos of cute pups, cats, and more.

Dave Angelescu Photography via YouTube

Dave Angelescu Photography via YouTube

Yellowstone National Park: Invasion Of The Idiots

This is a private group but you can join pretty easily. You can get lost down this rabbit hole for hours. The bison and elk have been named. A point system rated for touron encounters and so much more. When I say you can get lost, you can get lost. Also, yes, I know it technically isn’t about Idaho but you need to follow it anyway.

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