Amritpal Singh’s financier and close aide Daljeet Singh Kalsi arrested in Gurugram

On March 19, a CCTV video went viral on social media that allegedly showed the arrest of Punjabi film actor Daljeet Singh Kalsi. He is a close aide of pro-Khalistan separatist leader Amritpal Singh. Punjab Police and other security agencies are on a manhunt to arrest Amritpal Singh after launching a massive crackdown on Waris Punjab De led by him. Kalsi was also a close aide of actor-turned-activist late Deep Sidhu, who had founded the organisation Waris Punjab De. Kalsi was arrested from his house in Gurugram with the help of Haryana Police.

Daljeet Singh Kalsi alias Sarabjeet Singh Kalsi is an alleged advisor and financer of Amritpal Singh. Reportedly, he was arrested on Sunday.

A total of 78 associates of Amritpal Singh have been arrested so far. Singh, on the other hand, managed to escape. Amritpal has been declared a fugitive by the Punjab Police. The police are questioning the arrested members of Waris Punjab De.

Amidst the statewide crackdown on the organisation, the State Home Ministry suspended mobile services in Punjab. Initially, they were suspended till March 19, 12 PM. Later, the suspension was extended till March 20, 12 PM. Furthermore, Section 144 has been imposed in the state to ensure law and order. Four of the arrested associates were taken to Assam. It is unclear who was shifted out of the state.

In a surprising move, 4 associates of Amritpal Singh were transported to Dibrugarh in Assam by a special Indian Air Force Plan, accompanied by a team of 27 members of the Punjab Police. They are currently lodged in Dibrugarh central jail, but their identities have not been disclosed.

In February this year, OpIndia reported that Amritpal Singh was using social media, including Clubhouse, to propagate his Khalistani agenda. In one of the recordings we accessed of the Clubhouse rooms, Daljeet Kalsi was also a speaker.

During the discussion, Kalsi talked about his experience as a Sikh employee at a store, possibly at Elante mall, and talking in Hindi at Elante Mall. When asked, Kalsi claimed there was a clause in his contract with the company that he could not speak in Punjabi. He demanded strict action against such orders in Punjab.

Amritpal Singh declared fugitive

On March 18, Punjab Police launched a massive crackdown on pro-Khalistan leader Amritpal Singh and his associates in Punjab. Security personnel from Central agencies, including CRPF in the state for the G20 summit, joined the operation with Punjab Police. The Police arrested 78 associates of Amritpal Singh during the operation. Punjab Police issued an advisory not to believe rumours on social media. Furthermore, internet services were shut in the state until March 19, 12 PM, and extended to March 20, 12 PM. Punjab Government imposed Section 144 in the state to ensure law and order. Deep Sidhu’s brother Mandeep said in a statement his family does not agree with Amritpal Singh’s ideology and claimed Waris Punjab De under Amritpal Singh is a different organisation.

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