“Another Embarrassing Moment For NFL Officiating”: NFL Accused Of Being Rigged After Controversial Still Causes Massive Row On Social Media

The conference championships are here. As the San Francisco 49ers take on the NFC leaders Philadelphia Eagles, the stage is set for a heavy clash. While the matchup promises an exciting display of both offensive and defensive showcases, for the fans something else had come forth with the first drive of the game. Besides the high-octane action, fans have already called out the NFL for rigging the game.


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On a crucial 4th and 3 on the Niners’ 45-yard line, WR DeVonta Smith hauled in a one-handed catch to help his team. Following the catch, smith got up quickly and made sure the offense snapped the ball in haste. On further examination of the catch, the ball can be seen on the turf out of the player’s possession.

Fans smell something funny from the NFL

Unfortunately for the Bay Area fans, the officials completely missed the call and Jalen Hurts pass stood as a completion. An officiating error in a game of such magnitude did not go down well with the viewers. Many people flooded Twitter with accusations of game rigging on the league.

Another fan chimed in the argument by stating how it was just the usual for the league.

This fan agreed with the tweet calling rigging into play.

Besides the regular disappointment, for this fan it has been too long dealing with the officiating errors.

This fan suggested the league to use reviews after every play like they do in college football. Especially following the scale of the game.

Moreover, people also expressed their dismay with the current stage of the league.

With the call coming in the first quarter itself, there is still a lot of time and right calls for the refs to make. The fans would certainly hope for a better display of officiating.


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49ers use their 4th quarterback

While the Niners have played the later stages of the season with 3rd choice QB Brock Purdy. After taking a hit in the process of throwing a pass, the last pick of the 2022 NFL draft has been ruled questionable to return with an elbow injury.


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Amidst 49ers Finding Success With Brock Purdy

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The 4th string QB, Josh Johnson, has come into the fold. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted the QB in 2008 and gave him his debut in 2009. Johnson has been part of multiple setups since then. But it will be the first time that he will be handed the task of leading his team through a playoff game, that too a conference championship game.

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