Artists All Over The World Witness High Engagement Rates On Social Media

Artists All Over The World Witness High Engagement Rates On Social Media

Published: Tue 23 Aug 2022, 4:02 PM

Statistica studied thousands of social media users to check the platform with the most demand for content by artists. According to its report, a staggering 70% of users prefer Instagram to other social platforms for engaging with the videos and images posted by creative artists. Sojas Media is a full-service digital marketing company favoured by growing artists worldwide. Their exclusive focus on Instagram-centric social media marketing functions appropriately for the industry that heavily banks on the support of the users of that platform.

With more than 2 billion active users, Instagram offers a big audience with diverse interests. Every type of freelancer or artist would have an unimagined number of followers if they properly marketed their content. Professional guidance and service are the only keys to unlocking the wide-ranging benefits offered by a social media platform like Instagram.

Only with a well-established social media reputation can artists enjoy an increased rate of engagement on their posts. These can be in the form of comments, likes, saves, or shares. This is where an experienced social media marketing company comes into the picture.

Sojas Media is one such agency that has been helping hundreds of individuals and companies in getting a credible reputation on social media. The experienced social media managers and publicists in the company leave no stone unturned in ensuring a high Return on Investment (ROI) for their clients. Right from the basic task of getting an Instagram profile verified to managing the page entirely, the professionals in the company do it all. Every client, whether an individual or a company, gets a dedicated team for managing and ensuring the growth of their Instagram page. Local and international artists can leverage the growing network of this team to their benefit.

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