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The Special Economic Zone Authority Board chairman Varigini Badira has refuted social media claims on the proposed Finschhafen Special Economic Zone Bill.

Mr Badira in a statement yesterday said the anonymously authored article circulated through social media with title Private Membas Bill Bilong Rainbo Paita Inap Salem Finschafen Go Long Han Bilong ol Ausaet Laen is grossly false and malicious, intended either for criminal or political motives.

He said the board empowered by the Special Economic Zone Act 2019, refutes and dismisses all claims, suggestions, and inaccurate facts outright by the unknown author.

“The draft that is circulating is an outdated, unapproved and defective document, and no longer useful,” he said.

“Take note that the draft Finschhafen Special Economic Zone Bill was redesigned by Minister Paita and with the Marape government, and laid the foundation for what is now the Special Economic Zone Authority Act 2019.”

He said the Special Economic Zone Authority Act 2019, is the sole regulatory framework that will grant Special Economic Zones Permits and Licenses across the country.

“My board and I join Rainbo Paita in reassuring our people of Finschhafen that no approval will be granted without their consent,”Mr Badira said.

“I strongly condemn those using unapproved, outdated and defective documents for political or criminal intentions causing anxiety, worry and fear amongst our people and call on the Police to investigate such defamatory, misleading and false articles.”

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