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Lucknow: The new media cell of BSP may have roles defined for party’s national coordinator and Mayawati’s nephew Akash Anand and party national general secretary SC Mishra.
BSP national president Mayawati on Friday said in a tweet that a new media cell for the party is proposed and will be constituted soon. Till then, the party has no official spokesperson. She also distanced herself and the party from any statements made thereof by the national spokesperson of the party, Dharamveer Chaudhary and others, saying that the statements thus made will be their personal views and not the official stand of the party. The cell will have more than one spokesperson, both nationally and state-wise, said sources.
Sources also said that BSP never had the post of a ‘pravakta’ (spokesperson) in its organizational set-up. Creating a multi-layer media cell, that way, will mark a shift in the functioning of the party, at a time when every other political party has a well-designed role in place for its media teams, including the BJP.
In March last year, after BSP faced the worst-ever drubbing in UP assembly elections (the party won a single seat and polled over 12.3% votes), Mayawati accused the media of adopting a “casteist and hateful approach” towards her party.
She restricted five of the party spokespersons, appointed about a year before the assembly elections, from participating in TV debates.

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