#BycottCAN trends in social media as rape-accused Lamichhane returns to national cricket team

KATHMANDU, Feb 3: There is widespread criticism of and protest on social media against the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) for including Sandeep Lamichhane, a rape accused, in the national team.

Social media users have initiated a campaign under the #BycottCAN and have called a demonstration at Maitighar Mandala in the capital tomorrow Saturday at 1PM to protest against CAN.

One twitter user named Santosh Dhakal, wrote “A celebrity is the identity of a country, it is a jewel.  Women make half the world. A woman is a daughter, sister, wife, but before all that she is a mother. A person who rapes a minor woman cannot be termed as celebrity.”

Another twitter user expressed his anguish by tweeting “By allowing a person who has been charged with a criminal offense to represent the country through a popular game before the final verdict, CAN has shown that ethics and public dignity are not important in Nepali cricket.”

Anbika Giri expressed her dissatisfaction by tweeting  “The whole society is a jail for survivors. The accused becomes a hero here! We “deserve” this insignificance. The negligence of the government and the opposition is responsible for this bitter reality. Despite hurdles and struggle, we Nepali women are able to withstand  supporting each other till date. A minor’s vow to fight is the flame of this fight. One day our voice will surely be heard”.

Another twitter user wrote, “Cricket Association Nepal (CAN) should change their name to Rapist Association Nepal (RAN).”

On September 6, a 17-year-old girl lodged a complaint at the Gaushala Police Station, accusing Lamichhane of raping her in a hotel room. Lamichhane surrendered to the police on October 6. He has been denying the allegations leveled against him.

He was released from jail on bail on Jan 13, 2023.

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