Eva Longoria Reveals the Secrets to Getting Her Red Carpet Glam – E! Online

As she put it, “There’s definitely a process to good skin, good makeup and good hair. And you can’t have good makeup without good skin.”

And she all for, well, eye-catching eyes. “Any time you want to glam up your makeup look, lashes,” she recommended. “If you just throw on a lash, it just makes your entire face pop.”

While getting dolled up for the red carpet has many pros, the Overboard actress opened up about some of the cons.

Not only does she have to “mentally prepare for a very long night,” noting that her feet will most likely hurt and her makeup will eventually fade, but she admitted that she gets imposter syndrome. “I get social anxiety,” she told E!. “I have so many friends in the business, but I still go, ‘There’s going to be big stars there.’ There’s still that anxiety of do I belong?” 

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