Look: In Tiktok’s version of the Oscars, social media stars walk the red carpet

His TikTok account @lagranjadelborrego has around 16.5 million followers.

The high school student won the category of “best creator of knowledge” at the TikTok award ceremony for Spanish-language influencers this week in Mexico.

“Every day I record videos. I watch trends, what people like,” said Diaz, who aims to earn money from his content, like the roughly 100 other nominees at the awards.

With his shirt collar open like a movie star, Ruben Tuesta, a Peruvian living in Argentina, won the “LOL” (laugh-out-loud) category with his parodies of ordinary scenes of family life.

The reward “motivates me even more,” said the 25-year-old, who explained that he is paid to produce content for international corporations.

“The brand relies on you, trusts you. You make them a video. They pay you for the video, so that their brand is visible to my subscribers.”

The second edition of the “TikTok Awards” for Spanish-language influencers was held at the studios of Latin America’s largest television network, Televisa, which broadcast the ceremony live.

Like in Hollywood, social media stars walked the red carpet in front of fans gathered to see the winners, which were chosen by social media users.

Similar ceremonies have been held in Europe and Asia.

On Sunday, also in Mexico City, thousands of people attended the ESLAND Awards for the best Spanish-language streamers on You Tube and Twitch.

“Cinema has the Oscars, music has the Grammys and content creation has the ESLANDS,” the organizers said on their website.

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