Meet The Beautiful Girlfriend Of Thomas Partey Who Has Won Many Ghanaians Heart On Social Media –

There is a saying that goes as “Behind every successful man there is a woman behind” this saying has proven to be true in many cases which pushed many young men to search for their right spouse. Thomas Teye Partey is one of the most successful and reigning African footballers in the world as we speak now.

Many people have been questioning to know his love life for quite some time now. At first Thomas Partey showed a Ghanaian beautiful lady who was known as Nana Akua on the internet which made many Ghanaians drew conclusion as they are dating. Thomas Partey has finally revealed his girlfriend on the internet who even made him switch religion from Christianity to Islam.

Thomas Teye Partey has been seen going out with one beautiful Moroccan model, Sarah Bella on many occasions. Sarabella as many know on the internet is one of the beautiful and gorgeous woman on the internet with a whooping number of followers on the internet. I have made a compilation of some photos of her and here are some of them;

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Sarah Bella
Thomas Partey
Thomas Teye Partey

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