MN Tow Truck Company Takes To Social Media After Truck Hit By Vehicle

When we get winter weather, its a good idea to slow down, and to take things easy. A Central Minnesota tow truck business took to social media last night after a truck was hit by a motorist as it was stopped helping someone. Luckily no one was hurt, but the truck seems to be totaled.

Collins Brothers Towing of St. Cloud Inc. took to social media after the crash reminding everyone to slow down and move over.

Second time in a year this truck and operator have been hit!

He was on the shoulder, not even over the white line and a young kid admitted doing 65mph on these glare ice roads!

Pictures don’t do justice. Thing is destroyed.

Driveshaft on the ground, engine oil everywhere, broken front shocks, bent suspension arm, cab is destroyed, etc

These roads tonight are the worst we’ve had all year in our area. People are still driving 70+ MPH.

It’s the LAW in Minnesota, SLOW DOWN AND MOVE OVER! YES. A LAW.



If your brother, husband, dad, friend is working somewhere alongside the road and you knew that, I bet you’d slow down and move over!

It’s unclear if a ticket was issued to the young driver who hit the tow truck.

Remember when you see flashing lights on the side of the road, or coming up behind you slow down and move over, it is the law.

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