Police say a ‘concerning’ social media trend is to blame for recent incidents of teenagers targeting police

Police say it was lucky “no one was hurt or killed” when a group of teenagers in allegedly stolen vehicles rammed a pair of police cars in a Northern Territory outback town.

The incident appears to be the latest example of what police are calling a “very concerning” social media trend among youth offenders in northern Australia. 

At about 11pm last night, police received reports that two cars had been stolen from the Northern Land Council compound in Katherine, 270 kilometres south of Darwin, and were being driven erratically around the town.

Five officers were deployed before the alleged offenders barrelled down Katherine’s main thoroughfare where the officers had parked.

“Unfortunately, the two stolen vehicles directed their attention directly to our police cars, subsequently ramming two police cars,” Deputy Police Commissioner Michael Murphy said on Thursday. 

“Thankfully, the police officers weren’t in any of the vehicles at the time of the deliberate and reckless act of ramming our police vehicles.”

The moment a group of youths allegedly rammed two police cars in Katherine, as captured on CCTV. (Supplied: NT Police)

Deputy Commissioner Murphy said both cars were recovered and five people were identified as being involved in the incident. Three teenagers, aged between 14 and 16, were taken into custody. 

“One was an arrest target and the two others are on bail conditions already for property offences,” he said.

He said police were still working to identify the two others involved. 

Youth offenders targeting police in social media trend

Deputy Commissioner Murphy said there was an emerging trend of young offenders targeting police vehicles across northern Australia. 

“This isn’t limited to the Northern Territory or Katherine alone. We see these instances across the Kimberley as well, and across Townsville,” he said.

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