Posted photos of garda and partner on social media | Meath Chronicle

A 22-year-old Navan man who put up photographs of a garda and the garda’s partner on social media appeared in court on a charge of threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour during an incident in the town two years ago.

During the same in incident he said that there would be “repercussions for gardai in Meath”.

Lee Coleman, Clusker Park, Navan, who was already serving a prison sentence with release timed for February next year, was charged on 1st June 2020.

He was alleged to have said that he “knew more” about the garda and made reference to the garda’s family. Trim District Court was told that defendant had 32 previous convictions.

Defending barrister James O’Brien said his client had already been seeking treatment before he had been sentenced. Judge O’Leary added a month’s prison sentence to the one defendant is already serving.

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