Randy Quaid Says Trump’s Arrest Will Make Jan 6th Like a Kid’s Birthday Party: Social Media is FURIOUS

Randy Quaid is calling the upcoming violent protests a “Spring Awakening.” It is tough to tell if this is a meme circulating through the gutter of the internet or just something Quaid made up. It sounds so sweet, a “Spring Awakening,” something that people of the Christian faith would associate with Easter. But Quaid has violence on his mind, and it’s not going to be any kind of “awakening, never mind “sweet.” The MAGAs have been preparing, perhaps some even hoping, for this for quite some time. Plus, Trump is begging his supporters to “protest,” and he hasn’t yet said “peaceful” or peacefully.

He is calling them out.

And Randy Quaid is here for it. It is almost – almost – funny that the single most insane actor, or at least close to it, is the MAGA man. And he went full MAGA today:

Somewhat ironic because, of late, Trump and Tucker have people believing that January 6th was mostly peaceful and a big nothing burger. Quaid seems to want to reinforce that it was a significant attack on the country.

Twitter was in an absolute fury.



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