Social media users report bizarre Facebook glitch – here is how to fix it

Facebook has not yet confirmed any outage or issue. Photo / AP

Facebook users have reported widespread glitches this evening.

Website tracker reported an outage on the massive social media platform around 6pm NZ time.

Users reported seeing dozens of random posts to celebrities appearing on their feed, many from pages they hadn’t even followed.

43 per cent of users have reported issues with the app, 40 per cent relating to the newsfeed and 16 per cent relating to the website in general.

Facebook has not yet confirmed any outage or issue with the website — and there is currently no evidence to suggest the website has been hacked.

However, there is a work-around to semi-fix your newsfeed.


If you are sick of the latest glitch, other than unfollowing pages, the best bet is to find your ‘feed’ button on Facebook’s homescreen or in your ‘menu’ column.

After clicking the feed button, you will have an option to choose what you are delivered in your newsfeed.

These options include “all”, “favourites”, “friends”, “groups” and “pages”.

While it won’t fully resolve the glitch, it should help prevent your newsfeed from being overrun.

Cheeky users have already begun using the glitch to say hello to the wider Facebook community.

One user wrote to Adele’s Facebook page, “I don’t know but I want to try it too, hello!”, while another wrote, “Hey mama I’m famous.”

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