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New Delhi: While the pandemic forced most of the children to remain locked in homes in the last two years, the closeness of children with gadgets has increased so much that in many cases it is now becoming an addiction. Recent survey figures confirm this fact. In a recent survey conducted by Local Circles among parents, more than 40 per cent urban parents said that their child (between the ages of 9 and 17) has become addicted to videos, gaming and social media. Not only this, 55% of parents said that their child (ages 9 to 13) had a smartphone with them at all times of the day. And 71% said that their child (13 to 17 years) has a smartphone for most of the day.

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Parents believe that their excessive use of gadgets and handing over gadgets to children at an early age, online studies during the pandemic, have made children addicted to social media, videos and gaming. 68% parents believe that the minimum age limit for opening a social media account should be increased from 13 to 15.

On average, how many hours a day does a child in your family (ages 13 to 17) spend on social media, videos and internet games?

What kind of devices do children in your household use?


Do you think a child between the ages of 9-13 in your family is addicted to video, chat and internet gaming?


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