Virat Kohli gifted Shubman Gill THIS watch: Cricketers engage in behind-the-scenes camaraderie – Check

Every new cricketer has found inspiration in India’s star batter Virat Kohli. The 34-year-old has frequently been observed hanging out with the younger players and offering them advice. The seasoned batter has strong ties to the younger generation both on and off the field. His friendly online conversation with India’s emerging sensation Shubman Gill has recently generated a lot of interest. Gill posted a picture of himself on his personal Instagram account a few days ago. For a brand session, he appeared in front of the camera dressed in a fashionable avatar. One of the many comments’ reactions caught fans’ attention, and it was Kohli’s response to the post.

Gill acknowledged everyone involved with the effort in the caption, from the photographer to his makeup artist. However, Kohli pointed to the 23-year-left old’s hand’s visible wristwatch. And watch? he questioned in the comments section. By who?” By the courtesy of the monarch, said Gill. Even though the hint was barely there, it was obvious to the fans that Gill was referring to none other than Kohli, who is well-known for being “King Kohli.”

It’s interesting to note that Gill might not have gotten a unique gift from Virat Kohli before. Earlier, Gill was photographed in an incredibly stylish outfit for a GQ advertising shot. In that image, he was also sporting a watch that Kohli noticed and commented, “Nice watch. What’s up, Kitthon? Gill affirmed, “A king gifted me paaji,” in the remark that followed.

Both Kohli and Gill are now playing for India against New Zealand at home.

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