Ye, Parler Terminates Deal to Buy ‘Free Speech Social Media after his Return to Twitter

Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, is no longer buying Parler, the famed social media platform that he initially had the intention of buying after getting banned from multiple social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. It is in light of the recent “general amnesty” on Twitter, where Elon Musk gave banned accounts their platforms back.

Parlament Technologies published a statement saying that this decision was a mutual agreement between both parties, with Parler remaining its original stakeholder.

Ye, Parler Mutually Agreed to Terminate Acquisition Deal

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Parlement Technologies announced via its Twitter account that Ye and the company have reached a mutual decision regarding Parler’s purchase, with both parties terminating the deal. It means that Kanye West is back to being an American rapper and celebrity, and no longer pursuing his ventures toward buying a social media network.

The company and the Parler social media previously welcomed Ye with open arms, with Parlement Technologies and its almost CEO looking forward to this deal.

According to Parler, this decision to terminate the deal was made in mid-November, with the company only confirming it now.

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Ye is Back on Twitter, But is it the Reason?

It is unknown why both parties decided to terminate the deal, and this is amidst Ye’s recent retrieval of his online platform after Twitter’s controversial “General Amnesty” move from Elon Musk. Ye was known to have posted a Hebrew message on his account when he got it back on Twitter, with people having mixed reactions to his choice of words.

Kanye West’s Online Controversy

The famous American rapper and entrepreneur, Kanye West, was previously banned on social media for his antisemitic tweets, one which offended the public and its direct attack against Jewish people. Initially, it was Instagram who suspended Ye from the platform and banned him from making posts again, but this decision is only temporary and regarding another issue.

On his controversial Instagram post, Ye uploaded an image wearing a “White Lives Matter” shirt, as well as racial slurs against Today Show host, Trevor Noah.

Several months later, the American celebrity also got banned from Twitter, and this is after 12 hours after Elon Musk welcomed him back on the platform after staying away for a long. Here, Twitter’s ban centered on his hate speech directed against Jews, one that violates the online platform’s Community Guidelines, especially with his massive number of followers.

Nevertheless, after all this fiasco, and losing his privileges in his online accounts, Ye decided to strike a deal with Parler before Musk’s leadership on Twitter. He intended to get “free speech” and a platform centered on buying Parler’s entirety, but that is now canceled with both parties being at peace with it, amidst Ye’s return on Twitter.

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