Andrew Tate Bragged About Breaking a Woman’s Jaw, His ‘Scam’ Webcam Business Ahead of Arrest

By Rick Martin

Before getting arrested for human trafficking and rape in Romania, controversial influencer Andrew Tate was boasting in a podcast that he broke a woman’s jaw in a bar fight and “got away with it.” 

The former kickboxing champion also once said that his sexually explicit webcam business was a “total scam.”

NBC News reviewed some of Tate’s media appearances, including his Instagram archives and appearances on YouTube.

The outlet then found more controversial things that Tate has said, which could strengthen the cases against him. Tate has denied all the allegations against him.

However, footage from those various media appearances and his own social media posts have said otherwise, as the influencer known as the “king of misogyny” openly bragged about abusing women, luring them to Romania, and forcing them to do pornographic acts.

In various news interviews and podcast appearances, the report said Tate has openly stated that the women under his employment perform those pornographic acts to make money for him. He also openly admitted to controlling their behavior and evading law enforcement.

During his appearance on The Pomp Podcast in 2021, Tate reportedly stated that during a bar fight, he hit a woman and broke her jaw before admitting that he was charged with it but “got away with it in the end” after a judge found him to be innocent.

According to NBC News, the story has not been verified to be true. In a June 2022 interview with the Mirror, he and his brother reportedly said they ran a “total scam” business in Romania using female cam models to lure men into sending money to them.

Some of these cam models are reportedly the women he lured from the United States and the United Kingdom using the “lover boy method,” in which he misrepresented his intention of having a serious relationship with them.

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Judge in Romania Extends Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate’s Detention

A Romanian court ordered on Friday to extend the detention of Andrew Tate and his brother, Tristan Tate.

They were initially ordered to be detained for only 24 hours before the judge ordered them to remain in police custody until February 27.

Romania’s Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) said the Tate brothers and the two women arrested with them formed an organized criminal group committing human trafficking and operating not only in Romania but also in the U.K. and the U.S., according to CNN.

The judge ordered the extension because of the “possibility of them evading investigations.”

Romanian authorities had already seized nearly $4 million worth of assets, including 15 luxury cars, belonging to the Tate brothers as investigations into their human trafficking and rape cases continue.

Ramona Bolla, a DIICOT spokesperson, previously said that these assets would be used to cover the expenses of the investigation and compensation for victims if prosecutors can prove that Tate and his brother gained money through illicit activities, including human trafficking.

Andrew Tate Also Approached Romanian Teens

The BBC talked to two teenagers from Romania who claimed that both Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate approached them online. One of them is Daria. 

She told the outlet that she was 16 when she received a private message on Instagram from Tate. She noted that the disgraced influencer wrote “Romanian girl” and put “some flirty emoji.” 

Daria noted that “it was obvious we were high-school girls,” as they had their high school in their online bio.

Daria believed the brothers were “trying to find girls who were as innocent or naïve as possible.” She sent a screenshot of the conversation to BBC and said she never replied.

However, the Tate brothers also seemed to have messaged her other friends, and she said some of them responded.

The other girl, Gabriela (not her real name), told the outlet that she was 17 but pretended to be 19 when Tristan contacted her on social media.

She said Tristan told her, “You’re beautiful,” adding that her friend also received a message from Tate’s brother with the same opening line.

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