Black Business Spotlight: Boss Lady Shoetique

Brittney Kline
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‘Shoetique’ owner credits struggle for her success

BossLadyShoetique is a Black-owned, woman-owned business bringing diversity to fashion footwear and accessories. Owned by local entrepreneur Brittney Kline, the boutique shoe store is located in the Northtown Mall in Blaine, MN. 

BossLadyShoetique has been around since 2019, initially starting as an online showroom catalog. Kline is now moving up like the Jeffersons by opening her storefront on May 7, 2022, and expanding the brand.

Kline started the boutique as a side hustle, a means of extra income for her children and herself to supplement her primary work. She has always been passionate about fashion and shoes. She started researching and learned that there weren’t many independent shoe boutiques, only larger brands like ALDO and DSW in Minnesota. 

When Kline lost her job in 2001, she was devastated and desperate to keep her home afloat during the fall. This pushed her to see her shoe boutique as more than a hustle, turning her side-gig into her day-to-day focus. She put her time into advertising and making expansion plans.

Shoppers at BossLadyShoetique’s May 7 opening
Photo by Jiccarra N. Hollman

Kline aspires to inspire as she states, “BossLadyShoetique is much more than shoes. It’s a company and a business that is an inspiration—inspiring other young girls and single moms, passionate entrepreneur women, to show them that no matter the circumstances, if you put your mind to it, you’re able to do it.” 

What separates Kline from others is her story and background. She admits that others may see her as pretty put together and think that she has everything in order. But…there was struggle along the way.

She credits this struggle—from teenage pregnancy to wanting to grow up fast, leaving home, and trying to figure out life on her own while lacking self-esteem and self-identity—for making her the woman she is today. 

When asked what loving yourself looks like, Kline stated, “Loving yourself has to do with health, mental spirituality, development, you know, being open to constructive criticism. 

“No one is perfect. Always know that every day is a process, every day is a struggle, and never give up. That’s working on yourself every day to keep moving forward and never give up.”

Kline finds her inspiration by being and receiving energy from her children. “They look up to me and are proud of their mother in these moments,” Kline said as she got teary-eyed.

Kline wants her children to know that they can create that generational wealth so they don’t have to go through working hard for a company just to be let go. “I want them to know that [their] mother built a strong foundation that they can continue to build off of and continue to create that generational wealth for themselves and the grandchildren and their grandchildren to come,” Kline said.

“I’m representing a young Black woman, a teenage mom, and a single woman.” She added that is important because some people may view those categories as negative. 

“I hold my head high in all those aspects, and I’m proud to be a Black woman. I’m pleased to say that I overcame all the struggles as a teenage mom, so I can be proud of those different titles and know it’s OK,” Kline said.

Shoppers at BossLadyShoetique’s May 7 opening
Photo by Jiccarra N. Hollman

Kline said that one of the secrets to success is mentorship. “I believe in investing in yourself. I have paid for mentors, and then I have had people that have been in my life and just taken me under their wing as a mentor.”  

One such mentor is Tephanie Delaney, who Kline said has “inspired me in so many ways and has also put me in different directions for different doors to be open for what I want to do, and for that I’m forever grateful.” 

Kline also credits her family as the backbone in all that she does from BossLadyShoetique and beyond. Her list of support also includes strangers. 

Kline said, “Even strangers I don’t even know who have shared my post and put my story up or come into the store, like the support system is just a blessing, and I’m thankful for that. It’s what keeps us afloat.”

Asked what’s next for Kline, she talks about adding additional sections to the store, including expanding her children’s line and introducing men’s hats and accessories. She also mentioned her networking and mentoring event that she has hosted yearly continuing on a higher level. 

Kline’s advice to other business owners is to believe in and invest in themselves. “Getting a mentor doesn’t mean that you’re weak or less of a person; two minds are better than one, so investing in yourself is very important.”

Kline added that aspiring entrepreneurs should never give up. “It’s not easy. It’s challenging, but what will set you apart from the next one is that you didn’t give up. Whether a year from now, two, three, nine or 10 years—keep going, believe in yourself, strive for greatness, and get there.”

BossLadyShoetique is located in Northtown Mall Shopping Mall in Blaine, MN. For more info, visit, or contact a member of the team at

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