Business Broadband ISP Trunk Networks Sees Liquidation

Business broadband ISP and IT support provider Trunk Networks, which previously also operated the residential focused No One and Leetline sub-brands, appears to have slipped into liquidation toward the end of last year. But while Trunk is no more, those residential off-shoots continue to grow.

Firstly, an apology. Somehow this development slipped under our radar last year (Credits to Steve for the nudge), which is possibly because we tend to focus more on the residential side of things – No One and Leetline, rather than business connectivity. Take note that both of those ISPs are now independent of Trunk Networks (i.e. Leetline is now an off-shoot of No One) and continue to function without any known problems.

According to Companies House and The Gazette, Trunk Networks started the winding-up (liquidation) process in October 2022 (i.e. the process of selling off assets to repay creditors and dissolve a business). The details of why this happened are unclear, although a post on TBB’s Forum alleges that Trunk may have lost an important customer and instead decided to focus on its residential brands. spoke with Trunk’s former boss, Darren Elsom, who confirms that the ISP and IT Support business went into administration last year. When Trunk went into administration, Darren bought the shares it owned in No One Internet, which he says “continues to go from strength to strength as a residential ISP.”

Both No One and Leetline sell full fibre broadband packages based off Openreach and CityFibre’s national FTTP networks.

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