Chesney Brown plots shock new business in Coronation Street

MAKING ends meet has sometimes been a challenge for Chesney Brown.

But the Coronation Street family man gets a new business idea and success could be around the corner.


Chesney Brown gets a business ideaCredit: ITV
Could he open his own burger joint?


Could he open his own burger joint?Credit: ITV
Gemma is eager to save enough money for their dream wedding


Gemma is eager to save enough money for their dream weddingCredit: ITV

Chesney has always lived modestly in the cobbles particularly while working as an assistant in Dev Alahan’s Prima Doner.

Yet the character played by Sam Aston has always dreamed of bigger, particularly for his quads born in 2019.

In scenes due to air on ITV, Dev (portrayed by Jimmi Harkishin) points out a huge packet of beef in the fridge that’s about to go to waste.

Chesney quickly asserts he could use it and Dev gives him the green light.

At No.5, Chesney cooks a homemade burger and chips for his partner Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell).

He then admits to her that his dream is to, one day, have his own burger joint called Ches Burger, leaving Gemma impressed.

In later scenes, Chesney shows his impulsive streak after getting caught up in his own dreams and Gemma is at her wit’s end.

He tells her that he used their wedding money to fund his new Ches Burger business.

Chesney isn’t the only trying their hand at a new business as Gemma is also eager to get on with her own venture.

This is all in an attempt to save as much money as possible for Gemma and Ches’ dream wedding.

Unfortunately, when a potential client named India is shown around No.5, it’s clear she’s not impressed with Gemma’s lack of childcare qualifications.

A despondent Gemma calls at the kebab shop after her appointment and tells Chesney that her childcare plans are dead in the water.

Knowing she could get into big trouble with the law, she explains to Michael Bailey that she can no longer look after his daughter Glory as she’d be breaking the law.

Michael suggests they continue their arrangement on an informal basis and the authorities would never need to know, leaving Gemma satisfied and hopeful.


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Soon enough, words gets around about Gemma’s new business in the cobbles and Daniel Osbourne reveals he’s looking for a new childminder for his son Bertie.

This prompts Michael to recommend Gemma as she explains she’s only happy to help, not a qualified childminder.

What’s in store for Chesney and Gemma?

Will they be able to save money for their wedding?

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Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV.

Gemma is scared to get in trouble for her childminding business


Gemma is scared to get in trouble for her childminding businessCredit: ITV
But the couple have always struggled to make ends meet


But the couple have always struggled to make ends meetCredit: ITV

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