East Dallas Business Cleaning Up Following Floods

Businesses ruined by Monday’s flash flooding are anxiously waiting to hear if federal assistance will be available.

In East Dallas, clean-up is underway.

For head-wrap company You Go Natural, it has taken three days to clear water and mud from inside the building. The employee team of 40 arrived Monday morning to a mess.

About two feet of water rushed into the building, ruining sewing machines, fabric and inventory.

“You could see boxes that were in front of the facility moved to the back of the facility,” Monique Little, CEO and founder, said. “All of the machines were wet. Everything was soaked. The water had receded by that time but there was a lot of damage left.”

Little started the company at her kitchen table and eventually, it grew to an 8,000-square-foot production facility with 40 employees.

After Monday’s weather, it is unclear what comes next.

“It was really unexpected for everyone so we’re just taking it day-by-day,” Little said.

Little is still waiting to hear what insurance will cover and if a federal disaster declaration will be declared, opening the door for help through the Small Business Administration.

Local officials encourage businesses and homeowners to file a damage assessment to better estimate damages statewide.

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