German business still wants to cooperate with Russia, – Duda

Some German businesses want to continue doing business with Russia using cheap energy. Poland will argue that it is no longer possible to return to normal relations with Russia.

На цьому в інтерв’ю німецькому виданню наголосив президент Польщі Анджей Дуда, інформує  із посиланням на 

This was emphasized by Polish President Andrzej Duda in an interview with the German newspaper BildCensor.NET reports with reference to Ukrinform.

According to Duda, Poland is threatened by Imperial Russia because it had been enslaved by Tsarist Russia for a long time and was later in the Soviet sphere of influence. Instead, Germany looks at relations with Russia differently.

He noted with regret that even after the occupation of Crimea and Russia’s aggression in the east in 2014, Berlin continued to actively do business with Moscow. According to him, Germany then continued to supply Russia with dual-use products, so “militarily they support Russia and the Putin regime.”

“And today, as we hear, a very large part of German business, in the end very strong, one of the strongest in the world, just wants to do business (from Russia – Ed.),” – said the President of Poland.

He stressed that it seems that part of German business does not care what will happen to Ukraine or Poland, and his position is as follows: “We want to do business, we want to make money, we do business with Russia, Russia has energy, Russia has opportunities. Russia is a great country. “

“Perhaps this German business does not believe that someday the Russian army will be able to celebrate its great victory in Berlin again, take part of Germany, occupy Germany. But we in Poland know that this is possible,” Duda said.

However, he stressed that there can be no question of returning business as usual (what was before. – Ed.) In relations with Russia. Therefore, Warsaw urges the whole world not to return to this policy in relations with Russia.

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