iTWire – VIDEO Interview: Elker co-founders explain how to privately and securely share business problems and ideas with leaders for action

This remarkable new platform empowers anyone in any organisation to raise issues or ideas anonymously in a private, secure and even anonymous way, whether positive or negative, so that genuine feedback can be gleaned, issues actually actioned and disputes properly resolved, by a team with deep experience in this vitally important area.

Elker provides customers with a simple and secure way of raising thoughts, concerns and innovations across business, government, large projects, at university or any organisation. The platform also provides a way for management to get a realistic understanding of their staff and people with an open channel to communicate internally and anonymously ensuring a timely and transparent information flow.

This may include positive ideas for workplace improvement, negative reports about behaviour witnessed or experienced, as well as information from whistleblowers who want to make reports securely and without being identified.

The person making the report sends their information to a chosen contact and can communicate confidentially and even anoymously via encrypted chat – and it’s all done via a state-of-the-art platform across the web and mobile, using a single dashboard for effortless simplicity and usability.

After all, the rise of #metoo, wage theft and a skills shortage has made it essential for strategic leaders to have early insight and ensure oversight into what’s really going on.

As an ultra-modern platform, automatic triage of matters to the right responder is also possible, decreasing time to resolution and provides instant support and advice for the entire workforce.

With over 40% of Australians still working from home, and the rise of international collaboration, the need for a pivotal, next-generation tool for organisations to have true visibility into what is going on in real time, and data to pickup future trends is critical.

Elker was built by a team with over 20 years’ experience in dispute system design, with two remarkable co-founders at the helm: respected mediator and COA Shirli Kirschner, along with incredibly skilled technologist, polymath and CIO, Jack Murray.

Indeed, Elker has brought together problem solvers, developers and designers with experience in making it easy to speak up, and it facilitates retention of talent, improved understanding and trust.

After all, good business is taking care of people, and with Elker a leading platform for ensuring trust in business, it is a platform modern businesses and organisations should definitely be exploring for themselves.

Elker proudly claims as clients leading law-firm Allens, the University of Melbourne, hospitality group Solotel, Women’s Community Shelters, peak regulatory bodies, the Office of the Legal Services Commissioner NSW and the Victorian Legal Services Commissioner and Board, and Japanese-owned transport and logistics company AirRoad.

Each client supports Elker’s mission to not only foster understanding and inclusion, but to listen deeply to resolve issues, take on feedback, and make their spaces better and safer for all.

So, to learn more, it was really great to speak with Shirli and Jack, to understand how they came up with the idea for Elker, how it was implemented, how it has evolved since and what the future holds in a fascinating discussion embedded immediately below, after which is a summary of the topics we spoke about, so please watch and read on!

  • I started by introducing Shirli and Jack, welcoming them to the program, and asking them to explain what Elker is, how they both came together to form Elker, and the history of its naming.
  • Jack and Shirli also gave us some background on their work histories in dispute resolution for Shirli, and the tech world for Jack.
  • Shirli then described how she explains to potential clients the problem Elker is solving, and how Elker facilities change for value-aligned companies.
  • Jack spoke about how the platform ensures the safe capturing of anonymous data, while then explaining the role a CIO plays in buying into the Elker platform and implementing it.
  • Both spoke about the kind of changes clients should see after implementing Elker, and what has been a major driver in leaders taking transparency and listening seriously.
  • We discussed what companies often get wrong when it comes to employee feedback, and what strategic listening really means.
  • After this, we moved into how Elker will evolve over the next couple of years, where Elker might be in the 2030s when the metaverse is meant to be everywhere and we will all be working in even newer ways than we do now, great advice received in life, and both Jack and Shirli’s final message to iTWire viewers and readers, and to their current and future customers and partners.

So, please watch the video interview above with Shirli Kirschner and Jack Murray from Elker to learn more, and to discover how to truly empower your organisation with this much-needed next-gen platform and technology.

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