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Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) is collaborating with state-owned electricity company PT PLN (Persero) to empower businesses against corruption by advocating the value of integrity.


In relation to this, the commission held an anti-corruption business world technical guidance (bimtek) activity in a hybrid format from PLN’s central office here on Tuesday.


In a statement issued the same day, acting spokesperson for KPK’s prevention department, Ipi Maryati Kuding, said that the activity was a part of the commission’s efforts to encourage business actors to not get involved in corruption.


“One of them is by creating various corruption prevention programs and guidelines for entrepreneurs with the goal of encouraging anti-corruption commitment in the business world,” she added.

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“KPK also facilitates multisectoral collaboration that involves entrepreneurs and related government institutions,” the spokesperson said.


The commission expects that, through these programs, entrepreneurs come to understand corruption, its impact, and carry out real efforts to prevent it.


“The KPK is also developing cooperation with the business world concerning report handling in corruption eradication effort,” Kuding informed.


Moreover, the move to enlist the business world in corruption eradication efforts is aimed at breaking the chain of corruption involving business actors and the business world, she explained.

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According to KPK data, from 2004 to December 2021, the number of people from the private sector found indulging in graft reached 345. They accounted for 25 percent of the total 1,360 people booked for corruption.


The most frequent corrupt practices were bribery and gratification, with 802 cases on record. They were followed by corruption in the procurement of goods and services (263 cases) and permit-related incidents (25 cases).


“As a law enforcement authority, the KPK realizes that the effort to eradicate corruption cannot only be done through prosecution, but should also be done through prevention and education efforts,” Kuding remarked.


Through the guidance activity, the commission sought to empower the people, especially those working in state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and the private sector, to play an active role in corruption eradication efforts by bolstering anti-corruption values.


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