Lombardo says FBI ‘had no business’ searching Trump’s home

Clark County Sheriff and Republican gubernatorial candidate Joe Lombardo says he doesn’t think the FBI should have searched Mar-a-Lago, former president Donald Trump’s Florida home. 

“Let’s talk about how the FBI had no business searching Mar-a-Lago. They shouldn’t have been there,” Lombardo told the Current last week in response to a question about whether he’d like to see Republicans stop bashing the FBI and the Department of Justice for serving the search warrant at Trump’s Florida club and home on August 8. “But I’ll always support law enforcement.” 

Days earlier, Lombardo had a different take, saying he didn’t know enough about the search to comment.

“I don’t know the details associated with that. I work in the law enforcement space,” Lombardo said in an interview with Telemundo recorded August 9, according to Lombardo’s social media. “I deal with evidence and facts and I would be giving you a non-objective opinion if I was to give you an answer.” 

He goes on to say he doesn’t approve of anything done for political purposes.  

Lombardo’s campaign won’t say what he has learned since the Telemundo interview to determine the FBI should not have been at Trump’s home. On Thursday, a judge ordered the FBI to release a redacted version of the affidavit detailing the necessity of the search. 

The sheriff spent years at odds with the FBI as the agency investigated allegations that Metro vice detectives were protecting pimps and having sex with their workers. One pimp, Jamal Rashid, entered a plea agreement. No police were charged.  

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