Michigan Tech in Traverse City is Offering New Way to get Masters in Business Administration – 9 & 10 News

There’s some exciting news for anyone in the Traverse City area pursuing a career in business.

The Michigan Tech Traverse City location is offering a new way to get your masters in business administration. It’s the Tech MBA Program, a way to educate students in business within a growing technological world. The 30 credit program can be completed in just a year.

Students will come to the Traverse City campus and take virtual classes, while also using the building for group work and in-person workshops.

“It’s a rather unique offering and Michigan Tech has had a great college of business for a long time,” said Jay Meldrum from Michigan Technological University. “And it’s sometimes tough for people to take the time or make the time to take a business class like this, so we’re trying to make it as easy as possible.”

Michigan Tech is expected to offer an all-online version of the course soon.

To see more about the course that is offered, click here.

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