New business class bus line coming soon

Looking for an easier and more comfortable way to get between Memphis and Nashville? One could be rolling down Interstate 40 later this year.

Memphis native and University of Memphis graduate Jonathan M. Toles is planning to launch BizBus, a business class bus service, in May. The bus service will aim to give people a more efficient and comfortable way to get between the two cities than flying or driving a personal vehicle.

BizBus will have comfortable seating, Wi-Fi and an onboard attendant offering the same sort of services one expects on a commercial flight and is intended to provide a superior experience to existing bus lines. Other amenities include light meals, complimentary alcoholic beverages, pillows and blankets, and free checked bags.

Toles said the establishment of the bus service was a direct result of negative experiences with commercial air travel.

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“Baggage fees, TSA, delayed flights, layovers, and lost luggage do not equate to a good traveling experience. People deserve the highest quality service at affordable prices,” he said in a press release.

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