Next Chapter: Will Witherspoon takes football lessons into business ventures

Witherspoon heads up a low-voltage business in Atlanta, focused on fiber, audio, and telephone connections; he’s working on development projects with former teammates. He’s involved with an aluminum can company, which he said is on track to produce 600 million cans in its second full year of operation, and he’s laying out the plan for a procurement company in the future. He said his most important title is father to six children, ranging in age from 18 to 4 years old.

“What I’m working on now is really a culmination of the things that I love to do,” Witherspoon said. “I like to connect people. I like to figure out how to solve problems, especially in business identities, and it only makes it entertaining for me. Like, I get excited talking about how I can help somebody solve an issue, grow their business, or develop something. If I can figure out who to talk to, what to do, or how to talk to somebody, that’s great.”

On top of the ventures he continues to add, Witherspoon said his “place of respite” has been his sustainable cattle farm, Shire Gate Farm, located near Owensville, Mo., about 70 miles outside of where he’s based in St. Louis.

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