Pattaya lottery sellers claim online sales not hurting business – Pattaya Mail

People still prefer to buy their lottery tickets the old-fashioned way, even if it costs 100 baht each.

Even though a half-million government lottery tickets were sold online when sales began June 2, Pattaya lotto hawkers claimed it hasn’t hurt their business.

Sellers admitted they were nervous when the government announced it would allow small, independent vendors to sell their lottery-ticket allotment online for the standard 80-baht price. But, so far, those who chose not to join the online-sales platform on the government’s Pao Tung mobile application said it hasn’t hurt in-person sales.

Vendor Noppaklao Hongto, who sells at the Sutthawat Flea Market, said she’s seen a sales drop this week of 20%, which, she claimed, was not significant.

According to Noppaklao, people using the Pao Tung app have complained it’s complicated to use and unfamiliar to normal e-commerce platforms. So, after trying to buy online, customers came back to her.

Noppaklao Hongto, who sells lottery tickets at the Sutthawat Flea Market, said her sales dropped a bit, but she was not worried about it as her regulars will come back to buy from her again.

She said most of her customers are older people who aren’t skilled with modern technology, or people that want to hold paper tickets in their hands and not virtual ducats in the cloud.

Noppaklao hasn’t shunned online sales entirely, however. She admitted she has put some tickets online for three months and users can pay in cash at the shop and scan a QR code to get their tickets. But she said not many customers do it.

This sign says the price is 80 baht only if you buy through the Pao Tung app.

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