Pereira would arrive in Venezuela looking for business opportunities

For the month of May of this year, the exploratory business mission proposed by the Pereira Mayor’s Office would start, with the linkage of the National Association of Foreign Trade (Analdex) and several businessmen from the department heading to Venezuela, seeking to establish possible business opportunities.

This was announced by Jesús Saldarriaga, manager of Analdex Eje Cafetero, who also added that approaches have already been made with some organizations and they hope to coincide with a business fair that will take place in the neighboring country to further explore the market, customers, the producing sectors “and try to do business to the extent possible.”


Although today there are expectations regarding the neighboring country’s market, the truth is that there are still great challenges, taking into account the decrease in Venezuela’s GDP by more than 80%, being a country whose economy today does not have a high purchasing power. “From Analdex we always said that opening the border was not an automatic process… the challenges are great in terms of payment systems, trust, the same border that has been slowly opening since it was announced, it did not open all at once. time, and the other thing is that the infrastructure was deteriorated,” explained Saldarriaga.

In this way, then, not only possible business opportunities would have to be evaluated, but also payment capacities, “Business is going slowly, and now with a complex year of little growth worldwide, one would hope that it will not become more dynamic with the as quickly as one would like”, pointed out the union leader.

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