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Prime Minister Philip Davis said yesterday Opposition Leader Michael Pintard should stay out of his business regarding whether he should reshuffle his Cabinet.

Last week, Pintard called on Davis to reshuffle his Cabinet to allow ministers to be given roles better suited to their expertise.

“They should stay out of my business,” Davis said on the sidelines of an event on Cat Island.

“It is my administration and I determine who’s best suited and fit for the advancement of the nation that we have.”

Pintard specifically called out Minister of Works Alfred Sears and Minister of Transport and Housing JoBeth Coleby-Davis.

Sears attracted controversy late last year due to his conflicting stories regarding a decision by the Davis administration not to conduct fuel hedge transactions for Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) in the final quarter of 2021 after the Progressive Liberal Party was elected.

After Davis announced dramatic incremental fuel cost increases for BPL customers last October, Pintard hammered the government on the point of fuel hedging, insisting that the failure of the administration to approve the execution of the hedge transactions left BPL exposed and has led to the substantial hikes in the fuel charge for customers.

Accepting the recommendation to execute the trades would have prevented the need for the fuel charge hikes, Pintard repeatedly claimed.

He has accused Sears of misleading Parliament on the issue.

Coleby-Davis on the other hand found herself at odds with the president of the Bahamas Taxi Cab Union after she issued hundreds of taxi plates last year.

The transport minister was also accused of hitting a police officer with her vehicle after a Carnival event last year, however, Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander said on Friday there was insufficient evidence to proceed with that matter.

The minister had long rejected the claims widely made on social media.

The prime minister was also asked yesterday whether there are in fact any plans to reshuffle his Cabinet.

“Even if I am, that’s not their business,” he asserted.

“At the moment, there’s no consideration, at this moment, as I stand here, for the reshuffling of my Cabinet.

“We have a blueprint for change, we are on track to fulfilling those commitments and promises we made.”

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