WhatsApp payments now offering Rs 35 cashback, here’s how to win reward

To encourage WhatsApp users to use WhatsApp Payments, the social messaging platform is giving Rs 35 cashback to a user who sends money to friends or family via the application. It is important to note that a WhatsApp user can redeem the cashback rewards only up to three times by sending money to three different contacts.

Those who wish to avail benefits of WhatsApp cashback scheme will have to fulfil the eligibility criteria listed for the same.

Sharing the news on WhatsApp’s FAQ page, the social messaging platform said, “We’re introducing a cashback promotion for selected WhatsApp users. If you become eligible for promotion, you’ll see a gift icon when you’re sending money to an eligible receiver.”

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WhatsApp users must note that this payments cashback promotion will be available to different users at different times, and it will be made available only for a limited time period.

Once you get the cashback option, you can send money to any registered WhatsApp contacts to get Rs 35 cashback per successful transaction. If the selected contact is not on WhatsApp, you will get an option to send them an invite.

Interestingly, there is no minimum payment requirement to get this benefit. Also, a WhatsApp user will receive only one cashback reward per user. So, to avail full benefits, you have to send money to three different WhatsApp users.

Who is eligible to avail the WhatsApp Payments cashback promotion?

Things to check to know if you’re eligible

1. You see a gift icon while sending money to an eligible receiver.

2. You have been using WhatsApp for at least 30 days. WhatsApp Business is not eligible for cashback promotion.

3. You have added your bank account details to register for payments on WhatsApp

4. The contact who will receive the money is a WhatsApp user who has registered for WhatsApp payments. If not, you can send them an invite.

5. You have latest version of WhatsApp.

Which transaction types are not eligible for cashback promotion?

1. Payments sent when you can’t see the gift icon in WhatsApp.

2. QR code payments

3. Payments made on collect requests

4. Payments completed by entering the UPI ID of recipient


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