Wipro lays off 120 employees in US, cites ‘realignment of business needs’

Several IT firms have done mass layoffs and cost cuts in anticipation of an economic downturn. Now IT major Wipro is slashing at least 120 employees, citing “realignment of business needs,” reported news agency IANS.

The impacted employees include over 100 processing agents, several team leaders and a team manager, the company said.

“More than 100 of the impacted employees are processing agents. The rest are team leaders and a team manager,” the report mentioned. 

Wipro described the incident as an “isolated incident,” adding that all other company employees serving clients in the Tampa area are unaffected.

“Wipro remains deeply committed to the region. And all other Wipro employees serving clients in the Tampa area remain unaffected,” the company told the publication. The layoffs, which are permanent, will start in May,” the company said in a statement.

The layoffs, which are permanent, will start in May.

Earlier this month, the Indian IT behemoth announced the launch of its Americas headquarters in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

Wipro employs over 20,500 people across the United States, Canada, and Latin America (Mexico and Brazil). In India, Wipro laid off around 400 new employees in January due to poor performance in internal assessment tests.

Recently, Wipro announced that it will reshuffle its management and business units under four broad categories starting April 1 amid macroeconomic uncertainties and changing client needs.

Previously the company’s business was broadly divided under iCORE, including cloud, cybersecurity and digital operations, and iDEAS, focussing on engineering, application services, etc. 

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