Best Phone Controllers For Mobile Gaming

Mobile devices are making it more apparent every day that they would like to be considered gaming devices as much as they are considered telephones and social media scrollers. All the popular brands of mobile devices are powerful enough to play fully realized, visually impressive experiences or stream them from other sources. Games like the upcoming Diablo Immortal are nearly indistinguishable from their console counterparts, but touchscreens still don’t make for the best gaming experiences. Below you will find our suggestions for the best controller options for the kinds of experiences you want to have on your mobile device.

Diablo Immortal releases June 2, 2022.

When it comes to picking the best phone controller for you, there are a lot of different choices to consider, from official pads that require mobile controller clips to third-party ones that don’t. Fortunately, you probably already own a great controller that’ll work with your phone, as both the official Xbox Wireless Controller and PS5 DualSense can be connected to an Android phone or iPhone via Bluetooth. Still, you may want to consider a mobile controller that’s specifically designed for gaming on a phone, and we’ve included some of the best options for that below. There’s a lot of variety here–some controllers connect directly to your phone’s USB-C port, while others are Bluetooth-enabled. Some mobile controllers clip onto either side of your phone to resemble the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons, while others feel similar to a traditional console controller with a phone clip at the top. Whether you need an Android or iPhone controller, you’ll find something to suit your needs here.

Best phone controller clips

Already have a great controller that’ll work with your phone but need a clip to attach it? You can snag one of the mobile clips below to convert your current controller into one that’s ready for cloud gaming.

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