Devolver Direct Showcase Coming June 9, Will Feature Numbers And Mecha Suda51

Devolver Digital has announced that it’ll be joining Not-E3 month with a showcase of its own on June 9 at 3 PM PT / 6 PM ET, dubbed the Devolver Marketing Countdown to Marketing. This year’s event is all about numbers–possibly 10 of them–counting down in descending order with something being announced at the end.

Maybe it’ll be video games, maybe it’ll be sweaty gamer chairs, but if you’ve watched any of the Devolver Digital shows in the past, you know it’s going to end in a bloody mess for someone.

A mechanized version of cult-classic game director Suda51 will virtually host the event from inside a giant robot suit, but don’t call it a Zoom call. To mark the occasion Devolver Digital released a new video hyping up the Marketing Countdown, although it’s worth mentioning that there’s some fairly salty language in the teaser below.

Devolver added that there’ll be “at least four video game announcements” during the broadcast. Last year’s showcase saw it announce Shadow Warrior 3, Death’s Door, Trek to Yomi, and a few other games, and you can probably expect to see more on Gunbrella, Cult of the Lamb, and Demon Throttle next week.

The Devolver Marketing Countdown to Marketing is scheduled to take place shortly after Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest Live show. To see when you can watch that show and everything else in June, you can check out GameSpot’s Not-E3 schedule.

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