Fortnite Ballers – Where To Find Ballers And How To Recharge Them

Fortnite Ballers are back for Chapter 3, Season 3. These fan-favorite vehicles haven’t been in the game for a few years now, and they’ve returned with some new features. if you’re wondering where to get a Baller in Fortnite or how to operate them, including recharge them, here’s all you need to know.

Fortnite Baller locations

While Ballers may be found all over the island, especially if you don’t get to them first, the most reliable place to get one for yourself is at Rave Cave, the new map location that takes the place of Command Cavern. Now that the IO has been ousted, loopers are throwing an island-sized party, and the Rave Cave is the headquarters of the fanfare.

Here you’ll find the Screwballer, a working roller coaster that is compatible with Ballers. Naturally, that means you can find Ballers nearby too. Check up high where there is a platform for getting onto the track. There will usually be a Baller or two there–if you got there early anyway.

They see me rollin’.

Ballers are in high demand right now, so your mileage may vary. As for your literal mileage, it’s going to be constrained to the vehicle’s battery charge. Ballers don’t run on gas like other vehicles in Fortnite, so getting one to a gas station isn’t going to help you. Epic confirmed that Ballers can’t be recharged, so once you’ve used up all of the juice, you’ll need to head out on foot or switch to another vehicle.

The good news is Ballers don’t seem to use battery while on the Screwballer, so you can cruise around on the roller coaster as much as you’d like–or as much as the Storm allows anyway.

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