Fortnite: How To Align Star Sensors For Oathbound Quest

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 already packs a whole lot to knock out with its rotating daily and weekly quests, but you’ve also got your story-focused challenges by way of Oathbound Quests. And if you’ve been keeping up, you may have stumbled upon a tricky challenge that asks you to align star sensors by damaging them in the correct order. We’ll tell you how to get that knocked out below.

How to align star sensors in Fortnite

To get started aligning star sensors, you’ll need to find them first. To do so, head to Hidden Hinge, which is a bit of a hike northwest of Faulty Splits. Once you’ve arrived there, you’ll have to set up the star sensors and a cosmic monitor before you can align them, so follow the prompts to get that handled. Once you’ve got your star sensors and cosmic monitor set up, you’ll need to hit the five star sensors in the correct order using your pickaxe.

Knowing how to align the sensors takes a bit more attention to detail than Fortnite challenges usually demand.

Hit the star sensors in this order:

  • Crescent moon on the right side
  • Half moon on the right side
  • Full moon
  • Half moon the left side
  • Crescent moon on the left side

When you’ve finish hitting the star sensors in the correct order, you can then head over to the cosmic monitor and interact with it to complete this section of the Oathbound questline. There’s still more to do, though, so keep at it!

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