Fortnite Snap Quests – Where To Find All Tover Tokens Unlock All Cosmetics

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 is bringing back a fan-favorite feature of the Fortnite battle pass: a customizable character. This season, it’s Snap, an action figure who you can unlock on the first page of the battle pass. There are a ton of Snap Quests to complete as soon as you unlock him for nine Battle Stars, and these Snap Quests will allow you to customize your hero with different head, arm, torso, and leg pieces of the action figure character. Here’s all you need to know about Snap Quests and where to find all Tover Tokens.

Fortnite Snap Quests

There are currently 13 Snap Quests in the game, and completing each one requires you find three Tover Tokens each. The quest language tells you where to look for the tokens, and landing in the right area will show them on your mini-map. But even then, the Tover Tokens can prove hard to find as those map icons can be rather vague. We’ll walk you through how to find all 39 Tover Tokens broken up into sets of three in 13 different locations.

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Find Tover Tokens in Rave Cave

All three Tover Tokens are sitting along the roller coaster’s track, so get in a Baller and head down the track until you’ve grabbed all three.

Find Tover Tokens in Condo Canyon

The Tover Tokens are on a green rooftop in the southeast, in the doorway of the Pawn Shop in the southwest, and inside the waffle restaurant next to the Bao Brothers NPC.

Find Tover Tokens in Shifty Shafts

All three of the Tover Tokens are at the base of the northwest mountain at different entrances.

Find Tover Tokens in Sanctuary

The Tover Tokens are outside in the north, in the middle of Sanctuary by the small stone pillars, and to the south by the cornfields.

Find Tover Tokens in The Ruins

The tokens are located at the east staircase, the south staircase, and in the middle of the elevated ruins.

Find Tover Tokens in Lil’ Shafty

Lil’ Shafty is the small mining cave west of Synapse Station. All three tokens are within the cave.

Find Tover Tokens in Reality Falls

One token is at the base of the can’t-miss Reality Tree, another is at the top of the tree, which you get to by running up its spiraling tunnel-like trunk. The last one is, of course, behind the waterfall to the west.

Find Tover Tokens in Rocky Reels

One token is inside the northern building, another is by the eastern playground, and the last one is by the southern concession stand.

Snap includes many customization options–you just need to unlock them first.

Find Tover Tokens in The Joneses

The tokens are in the northern shack, outside the southern trailer, and outside by the southeastern shooting gallery.

Find Tover Tokens in Seven Outpost VII

The tokens are outside the building with the Seven vault inside, in the middle of all the rifts on the east, and on the boat dock.

Find Tover Tokens in Sleepy Sound

The tokens are on the patio at Fishstick’s restaurant by the green umbrellas, outside Noms grocery store (across the street from the gas station), and in the middle of the northern road.

Find Tover Tokens in Logjam Lumberyard

The Tover Tokens can be found at the southern boat dock, inside the westside pile of cut-down trees, and next to the Reboot Van.

Find Tover Tokens in Greasy Grove

The tokens are atop a large central mushroom, a large southeastern mushroom, and a large southern mushroom west of the gas station.

More Snap Quests will be added to the game in about two weeks, so join us once again then as we fill in more details on how you can customize Snap. For the rest of what’s on offer this season, check out the Chapter 3, Season 3 guide, including map changes, new weapons, NPC locations, and Zero Week Quests.

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