Get A Lifetime VPN Subscription For Just $49

If you’re looking to pick up an affordable DNS and VPN service, consider checking out Getflix–which is currently discounted to just $49, down from $540. The one-time payment gives you unlimited, lifetime access to the software, letting you browse the web securely from a wide range of devices.

Getflix Full VPN can be used across PCs, smartphones, TVs, or gaming consoles to offer you a private connection with little setup. In fact, you can have the program up and running in just a few seconds without the need for additional software.

The software also works with most types of internet connections, including DSL, cable, satellite, and 4G. Only five devices can connect to the VPN network, but you’ll have unlimited access to the SmartDNS network for secure browsing.

Aside from giving you a secure and private online connection, Getflix can also be used to access region-locked content for HBO, Hulu, Prime Video, or other streaming services. The only stipulation is that you activate your license within 30 days of purchase.

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