Get A Nifty Portable Nintendo Switch Dock For Only $20

There are tons of cool and interesting Nintendo Switch accessories out there that can make gaming on the go more convenient and enjoyable. Sometimes you may want to take the full Nintendo Switch experience with you wherever you’re headed; in those scenarios, a portable docking solution can come in handy. Rather than lugging around the bulky official dock, you can opt for a much smaller option that delivers the same results. One such option is available now for an extremely low price. On GameSpot Deals, you can get this portable Switch dock for only $20 for a limited time.

All you need to do is bring your Switch power supply and an HDMI cord with you and you’re able to plug your Switch into any TV or monitor. It would also pair well with a portable monitor. If you’re looking for a nice compact monitor for gaming on the go, we have a roundup of the best portable gaming monitors that’s worth checking out.

The portable dock is also a solid option as a secondary dock. If you regularly game across multiple rooms in your house, it’s much easier to have a separate dock on hand so you don’t have to move your regular Switch dock.

You can also use this portable dock for other devices such as your smartphone and tablet. While the Switch is locked to 1080p resolution, the dock supports 4K at 30fps for other devices. For more docking options, take a look at our roundup of the best Nintendo Switch docks.

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