Ghostbusters VR Is Coming To PSVR 2, New Location-Based Game Also Announced

Sony Pictures Virtual Reality has announced that Ghostbusters VR will be coming to PSVR 2, Sony’s in-development virtual reality platform, and has also revealed Ghostbusters VR Academy.

A new location-based virtual reality game being developed by Hologate, Ghostbusters VR Academy will let players take part in Ghostbuster training and pilot a flying version of the Ecto-1 in a high-speed race to see who’s the fastest.

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After the training portion is completed, teams of four can strap on a proton pack and take on missions where they’re tasked with catching a few phantoms that are running rampant. Ghostbusters VR Academy will be playable at 400 Hologate locations globally by the end of 2022.

Who ya gonna call?


Ghostbusters VR–which was announced in April at the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase–is aiming to create an authentic Ghostbusters experience and can be played solo or as a team with up to three friends. It has its own campaign, as well as access to plenty of equipment based on the tools used in the Ghostbusters franchise.

Ghostbusters is experiencing a Renaissance currently as the most recent film in the series, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, did well at the box office last year. A new Ghostbusters animated series is in development at Netflix and Friday the 13th developer Illfonic is working on an asymmetrical multiplayer game called Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed.

If that’s not enough content for you, there’s even a 1:1 scale replica of the Ghostbusters proton pack coming out next year that looks authentic enough to be used as evidence in a court case that definitely won’t be interrupted by ghosts who were sentenced to an electric chair by a gavel-wielding judge.

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