I’m A Celebrity’s Owen Warner says being dunked is ‘relaxing’

Owen Warner finds his I’m A Celebrity trial ‘relaxing’. (ITV)

Owen Warner, Jill Scott and Mike Tindall take their turn in I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!‘s trial tonight – but rather than finding it unpleasant, Warner claims being turned upside down in a pool is “relaxing”.

In a first look at Thursday’s episode trial Scareground, Hollyoaks actor Warner, 23, can be seen strapped to a vertical spinning board which begins turning, with his head dunked in a pool below every time he is upside down.

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But despite having arguably the worst role in the three-person trial, unlike his campmates he appears to be quite enjoying himself.

As the board begins to turn, the rest of the campmates who are at the trial setting watching begin to laugh as he says: “Ah, come on, man.”

Watch: Owen Warner, Jill Scott and Mike Tindall take on Scareground

But after a few upside down dips in the water, Warner comments: “This is actually quite relaxing.”

Also taking part are Scott, who must throw balls out of a spinning tombola machine she is locked inside of to a waiting Tindall, who is being spun on a horizontal board.

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Tindall then throws the balls into Warner’s dunking pool, who in turn must throw them into a basket.

Warner has kept campmates and viewers entertained so far with his hilarious one-liners, which included admitting he though “jet lag” was “jet lack” and asking “whereabouts?” when Boy George told him that Scarlette Douglas was from TV show A Place In The Sun.

Owen Warner is completely unbothered about being dunked in a pool. (ITV)

Owen Warner is completely unbothered about being dunked in a pool. (ITV)

Last night’s trial was a disaster as Chris Moyles struggled to use a spanner to unscrew the stars he needed, bagging just two – and then dropping one of them, meaning he only won one meal for camp.

The celebrities were asked to decide amongst themselves who would take on tonight’s trial, with Warner, Scott and Tindall all putting themselves forward.

Campmates also have a luxury barbecue on Australia’s Gold Coast up for grabs in the coming days, meaning a trip outside of the jungle – but only three of them will be allowed to go to the barbecue.

I’m A Celebrity airs the full trial in tonight’s episode at 9pm on ITV.

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