New Park Beyond Trailer Emphasizes The Creativity Of Bandai Namco’s Amusement Park Simulator

Bandai Namco’s amusement park builder Park Beyond is now slated for a 2023 release, with a new trailer that debuted as part of Gamescom’s Opening Night Live highlighting the level of creativity possible in-game.

Though the trailer is largely cinematic in nature, there are brief glimpses that look to be in-game footage, showing ride-creation tools and a look at what kind of structures players will be able to create.

In Park Beyond, players will take on the role of a Visioneer for an aging theme park, and are tasked with updating the park with new rides and technology. Players will team up with characters like the enthusiastic park veteran Phil and the “stern but friendly” park executive Izzy, as they look to create an enjoyable (and profitable) amusement park.

Park Beyond made its debut as part of Gamescom Opening Night Live 2021, where the game’s first reveal trailer put an emphasis on what the game called “impossification,” an idea that allows for the creation of rides that seem to break the laws of physics and are only limited by players’ imaginations. Some of that can be seen in this latest trailer, with roller coaster cars that fly off the tracks and transform into gliders, buildings that defy gravity, and a massive yeti creature that takes swings at parkgoers.

The official Park Beyond site states the game will include a story-driven campaign mode and accessible controls to help players build increasingly “crazy” rides. In addition to building rides, players will also have extensive management tools at their disposal, with ways to track visitor trends, manage park staff, create marketing materials, invest in research and development, and more.

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