The Anacrusis Gets A New Update, Big Discount, And Free Weekend Session In June

A new update for The Anacrusis goes live on June 8, and to celebrate, developer Stray Bombay has confirmed that the PC version of the game will be available for free on Steam from June 9-12. The early access title will also be on sale for 50% off on Steam from June 9 to July 7 and on Xbox from June 14-20.

As for the new content, this one is titled The MODerately Extravagant Update and adds modding tools, a new weapon modification system, cross-play compatible user-created mods, and other tweaks to the co-op first-person shooter.

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Since its reveal during Summer Game Fest 2021, and launch earlier this year through Steam early access and Xbox Game Preview, The Anacrusis has had a number of substantial updates that added several quality-of-life improvements to the game.

Stray Bombay added that future updates will include more weapons, a versus mode, finishing Episodes 4 and 5 of its narrative, expanding mod support beyond maps and campaigns, and adding a new season of content to the Infinity Pass. The studio plans to have the game exit early access and Game Preview by early 2023.

If you’re looking to dive into the title, you can check out a few of GameSpot’s guides, such as the best Anacrusis weapons, all special alien types that you’ll encounter onboard a ’70s-styled spaceship, and how to change characters.

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