The Best Fortnite Merch In 2022

Fortnite continues to be one of the most popular games in the world. Since launching in 2017, the battle royale has seen no shortage of wild collaborations, and its player base continues to be one of the most passionate in all of gaming. And like any game that amasses legions of followers, there’s a bunch of awesome Fortnite merch up for grabs. We’ve rounded up the best Fortnite merch below, which includes items such as backpacks and action figures to throw blankets and plushies.

Fortnite Agent’s Room Action Figures (Agent Peely)

$23 (was $30)

Peely is one of the most iconic characters in Fortnite–after all, who doesn’t want to run around as a banana wearing a suit? This small action figure set includes Ghost and Shadow versions of Peely, along with a few weapons and a library playset.

Fortnite Legendary Series Brawlers Kit

$20 (was $25)

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This action figure is built with more than 35 points of articulation, letting you capture the perfect pose or recreate iconic moments from the game. It also features a bunch of additional weapons and is officially licensed by Epic Games–so you know you’re getting an authentic product.

Fortnite The Chapter 1 Action Figure Collection


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Each figure in this collection offers at least 25 points of articulation. The officially licensed bundle features 10 action figures: Black Knight, Rust Lord, The Visitor, Drift, DJ Yonder, Ice King, Peely, Rox, Eternal Voyager, and Jonesy.

Fortnite Battle Bus Deluxe


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Once you’ve collected a bunch of Fortnite action figures, consider completing your collection with this gigantic, 14-inch Battle Bus. It’s not the cheapest product on this list (clocking in at $64), but it comes with two other action figures, light-up components, and the ability to play popular music from Fortnite.

Fortnite Peely Plush


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Love Peely so much that you want to give them a hug? Consider picking up this adorable, super-soft Peely plush. You’ll also find a similar plush of Durrr Burger up for grabs–although it’s a bit smaller than Peely at just five inches.

Fortnite Llama Loot Plush

$15 (was $17)

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If you don’t mind dropping a few more bucks, you’ll find a colorful, seven-inch Llama Loot plush up for grabs. Officially licensed and built with high-quality materials, this makes a great gift or addition to your own game room.

Fortnite Nerf Guns


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It should come as no surprise that Fortnite’s arsenal of weapons has received the Nerf treatment. There are several great models to choose from (including the Flare Dart Blaster and Heavy SR Blaster ), so be sure to peruse the full collection.

Fortnite Funko Pops


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From Fishstick and Peely to Tomatohead and Rippley, it’s hard to find a Fortnite character that hasn’t been turned into a Funko. Some of these have become more elusive than others, but there’s still a wide selection of readily available Fortnite Funko Pops.

Fortnite Hoodies


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Show your Fortnite love with one of these stylish hoodies. If you want to stand out in a crowd, consider picking up this bright yellow Peely Pullover. Or, you can wear something a bit more muted with this black hoodie featuring the Fortnite logo. If neither catch your eye, be sure to browse the full collection.

Fortnite Multiplier Backpack


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The gorgeous, colorful design is the highlight of the Multiplier Backpack, but you’ll also find adjustable shoulder straps, 100% polyester construction, and multiple zipper closures that let you easily organize your gear and keep it secure.

Fortnite Monopoly


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This version of Monopoly makes some big changes to the rulebook. Instead of accruing property and growing your wealth, you’ll need to survive the board’s hazards and be the last player standing. It’s a cool twist to the Monopoly formula, and the Fortnite aesthetic only makes it more appealing.

Fortnite Joy-Con


No Caption Provided

This popular Joy-Con variant is more expensive than most, but no doubt it boasts one of the coolest designs on the market. Beyond the Peely-inspired paint job, you’ll also get the Fleet Force Bundle and 500 V-Bucks to spend as you wish.

Fortnite Stainless Steel Water Bottle

$19 (was $20)

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Whether you’re in the middle of a game or out on a hike, this sleek water bottle is the perfect way for Fortnite fans to stay hydrated. It’s designed like an oversized, aluminum can, but the stainless-steel design actually features a flip-top cap that makes it easy to grab a drink before throwing it in your bag.

Fortnite Domez 4 Pack (Series 1)


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Black Knight, Elite Agent, Omega, and Raven are all featured in this Domez bundle. Built with a unique enclosure and stackable design, they’re the perfect centerpiece for your desk or game room.

Fortnite Totem T-Shirt


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Fortnite shirts are aplenty nowadays, but few are as stylish as this Totem T-shirt. The quirky design features a vertical Fortnite logo alongside four popular characters–and sizes from small to 3X-Large make it easy to find the right fit. There’s even a youth version that includes sizing for toddlers.

Fortnite Throw Blanket


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Not only will this Fortnite throw blanket keep you warm, but it’s also a colorful addition to your home. The fleece blanket comes in at 46 x 60 inches and is crafted with soft-touch materials. It also rolls up into a compact form factor, making it easy to bring with on a road trip or store when not in use.

Fortnite Turbo Builder Set

$19 (was $21)

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Fortnite may have introduced its Zero Build mode, but crafting ridiculous structures will always remain a part of its identity. If you’re looking for a fun way to translate that to real life, consider picking up this unique bundle, which offers two action figures (Fable and Dire), several weapons and harvesting tools, and 82 wood building materials that let you construct a variety of ramps and towers.

Fortnite Late Game Survival Set


No Caption Provided

Similar to the Turbo Builder Set, this bundle includes a variety of building materials, weapons, and other Fortnite accessories. However, the Late Game Survival Set ups the ante with a few unique pieces, such as spike traps, a launchpad, and roof and arch materials. It also features Crackshot and Leviathan figures.

Fortnite Battle Royale Collection Mega Fort Display Set


No Caption Provided

With 28 building materials, Tricera Ops and Blue Squire figurines, and the ability to build three different configurations (Fortress, Blockade Barrier, and Watch Tower), this bundle is an affordable way to replicate the Fortnite experience in your living room.

Fortnite Supply Llama


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This action figure bundle comes with a 4-inch Fortnite Kit figure that features more than 25 points of articulation. You’ll also get a variety of accessories, including weapons, Back Bling, and more.

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