The Callisto Protocol Arrives In December

The Callisto Protocol, which is a spiritual successor to the Dead Space series is coming to PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on December 2. The game is being directed by Glen Schofield who co-created the Dead Space series.

The release date was announced during Sony’s State of Play presentation with a new trailer. In the trailer, a narrator describes how they fished the presumed player character out of a wreck and insists you must let your old life go. They want to give you a chance at rebirth.

Now Playing: The Callisto Protocol Trailer | Sony State of Play June 2022

Alongside the voiceover, the trailer showed violent deaths against alien creatures and scray stomping through dark environments. Summarizing the game’s plot on the PlayStation Blog, Schofield writes, “Set on Jupiter’s ‘dead moon’ Callisto in 2320, The Callisto Protocol is the story of Jacob Lee, an inmate at Black Iron Prison who must fight for his life when a mysterious outbreak throws the moon into chaos. Prison guards and inmates are mutating into monstrous creatures called Biophage, and Jacob must battle to survive the horrors of Black Iron and uncover the dark secrets of the United Jupiter Company.”

The Callisto Protocol is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 December 2 and it is also making its way to PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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