The College Football World Is Livid With SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey After His Comments About The NCAA Video Game

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  • Greg Sankey says the NCAA video game release isn’t top of mind when it comes to college football decisions
  • Fans are roasting the SEC commissioner as they’ve been waiting for a return of the video game for years
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SEC commissioner Greg Sankey is in hot water with college football fans this week.

The leader made some comments over the weekend that could just start a war between him and a number of football fanbases. The topic of those conversations?

The EA Sports NCAA college football video game.

The widely popular game franchise was discontinued after issues with amateurism in college sports were questioned. Now, though, the NIL era has seen players benefit off of their name, image, and likeness.

With that change in the college football landscape, the video game franchise announced its plan return last year. A return that could be scheduled for the 2023 season.

While this news was music to the ears of many college football generations, Sankey doesn’t seem to care about the release in the least.

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey comments on NCAA video game

When asked about the popular video game release, Sankey had the following to say.

“Forget whether NCAA video games come back, that’s not at the top of my priority list.”

Those are fighting words to some fans.

The reaction on social media was hilarious.

Fans react to Greg Sankey’s comments

Fans want to see the franchise make its long-awaited return. It’s apparently not too important to Sankey, but for those who grew up playing the video game, it’s always top of mind.

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