V Rising Guide – Where To Find The Alpha Wolf

Blood bosses are important enemies in V Rising, and can help unlock abilities. The Alpha Wolf, a level 16 boss, is one of the first to appear. If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to first build the blood altar before you can unlock the tracking mechanism for blood bosses–an important step, since the blood bosses aren’t marked on the map. If the Alpha Wolf is the first blood boss you defeat, this will also unlock the research desk, another stepping stone in building your vampire empire.

Alpha Wolf’s Location

The Alpha Wolf can be found near the Bandit Camp in Farbane Woods, as indicated in the image below. The Alpha Wolf resides in a wolf den, and if you see a bunch of normal wolves, that means you’re likely on the right path. I found the Alpha Wolf at the below marked location, but there are two other dens you could find him at. They’re all in the vicinity of each other, though–so just arrive in that area of the Farbane Woods indicated below and follow the red tracking indicator.

Alpha Wolf location in Farbane Woods


  • Dispatch the normal wolves around the Alpha Wolf before approaching the big boss. The fight immediately starts when you get close to the Alpha Wolf, so you’ll need to be sneaky about picking off the rest of the wolves.
  • The Alpha Wolf attacks slow, but has the handy ability to summon two normal wolves when losing health. The first set will appear when you whittle down the Alpha Wolf to half of its blood level, and then perhaps one more time if you don’t kill it fast enough. Kill the summoned wolves quickly so you can focus on the Alpha Wolf again.
  • It goes without saying, but you’ll find an easier time trying to kill the Alpha Wolf at night. During the day, it’s a bit difficult to dodge the Alpha Wolf and sunlight simultaneously.
  • Though you can challenge the Alpha Wolf at level 16, getting to level 20 first will make the fight easier.

After killing the Alpha boss, you’ll be able to transform into a wolf. This makes movement faster–though, not by very much, and you’ll still get burned in the sunlight even in wolf form. For alternative transportation options, there are also horses.

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